AEC business

Clmv is the Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Vietnam as the country in the group of the ASEAN with the economic trend to grow and also has the mineral resources and the Labor Wage is not too high country group CLMV is the country that people are interested to invest in the production and marketing, but due to the CLMV has borders with Thailand every country is perfect that Thai entrepreneurs will be to invest in or find opportunities to do business
The Company the brand index the Directory Limited realized that will use the strategic proactively push entrepreneurs to market the countries in Asia and the trade show in each country published advertising media translated into the Local Language (localized publications) under the name of the AEC GATEWAY partner with connected to the API with the SERVER at singapore hosting promote to a group of countries in Asia at the same time we also create relationships with the group CEO directory under the AEC business.
Brandexdirectory has received a good response from all customers is inspired by the Company is committed to the development CEO Directory of media advertising with quality in the future."

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